Getting Work Done

If you are need of web development, software development, or app development, we offer these services as well as consultation to help you come up with the best plan.

We still utilize our job board was created around 2007. Since then many thousands of hours have been worked on customer projects. Just create and account there, and submit a new job with some details about what you need, and we will surely get back with you soon after.

We especially have expertise in building PHP web apps that generally use mySQL as their backend. And more recently, we have been building mobile apps as well. Most of the customers we work with have been with us for a long time, and their businesses have grown, which means we too have grown.

We don’t have big marketing operations (though some of our businesses do), and most of our customer’s came to us through word of mouth, or they used one of our software products. We look forward to working with people that have a vision for developing something that will be useful to others over a long period of time, and we seek long term relationships with customer.

Thank you for your interest in our company, and more will follow on this blog about some of our offerings.

Let us create

It has been a great honor to work with literally 1000s of clients over the years to build website and apps. We have built apps that are available for general consumption by webmasters at large, as well as worked closely with customers to create specialized software to fit their company.

I am the founder, David Duval, and it all started when I was living in the back of a dance studio, teaching classes until nearly midnight, and then staying awake often until the sun rose learning about the internet. It was 1999!

Now years later the company has grown to have employees, partners, and customers throughout the world. I started with building websites for customers for the first few years, and then as things grew, new products were launched. The first big one was phpLD, launched in 2005. This script was installed on well over 200,000 websites, and now in 2019, it is still used by many (but some changes at Google made it a little popular than during it’s “heyday”).

And remember DI am also a dancer. With the help of a team in Ukraine that continues to work for NetCreated, in 2005 I also launched Dance Studio Manager (DSM), with hundreds of studios, thousands of students, and millions per year being run through the software.

Now in 2019, as a result of the growth of DSM, new companies and partners have launched to reach new markets, and more will be discussed about this in coming blog posts!